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Bob Goshen, business maven, shows audiences how to develop leaders and create a leadership culture that gets things done — domestically and globally.

Who Is Bob?

  • Designed, led, and executed Coca-Cola’s #1 strategic initiative of all time, Partners in Education.
  • Endorsed by Zig Ziglar, the #1 motivational speaker of all time.
  • Shared the stage with some of the #1 speakers in the world: Ronald Reagan; Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz; Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking. Endorsed by Bowie Kuhn, the former Commissioner of Baseball and former president of Target.
  • A #1 speaker who has delivered over 3,500 presentations to audiences in 35 countries all over the world since 1975.

Bob Leads Today: He’s Still Walking the Talk.  

TODAY, Bob Goshen leads the #1 U.S. business unit for a multi-billion-dollar privately owned  corporation—he’s responsible for 120,000 people globally.

For the last 30 years, as a successful business and organizational leader, Bob Goshen has owned and led organizations as large as 200,000 people domestically and globally dispersed.    

What Can Bob Do For You?  

TODAY, Bob Goshen speaks to audiences teaching them how to develop leaders and create a leadership culture that gets things done—domestically and globally.

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The Guarantee:
"I guarantee that our services will meet or exceed your expectations." -Bob
Power Quote:
"What are you doing that your competition is not doing so you will be where they will never be?" - Bob
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Bob's Bestseller Topics:
  • Defining Leadership
  • Locating Leaders
  • Duplicating Leadership
  • How to create the environment to grow leaders
  • Creating harmony among leaders

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